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>> shepard: the news begins anew. the defense it set to make the case for "whitey" bulger, charged with 19 brutal murders. the trial has already seen explosive testimony. screaming matches. lots of f bombs, and now there's a chance that "whitey" bulger himself may take the stand. also, we're hearing soon we'll get a verdict in the biggest leak of classified information this country has ever seen. a controversial case that could put army private bradley manning in prison for the rest of his life. we'll break down with the judge, judge andrew napolitano, but a whole water park is shut down now an young swimmer caught a deadly parasite, one that eats away your brain. we'll talk to a doctor about what families need to know on how to prevent it. that's all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b."
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>> shepard: fir from fox at 3:00 in new york city. the mob trial of "whitey" bulger, and the case moves to the defense now. lawyers for the accused mob boss said, yes, he ran a criminal enterprise for decades. still they say he did not take part in any of the 19 murders with which he is charged. for now we do not know whether "whitey" bulger himself will take the stan. the prosecution called 63 witnesses, many of whom painted a colorful picture of life in bulger's gang in south boston. this month, one associate testified that "whitey" bulger wore a wig and fake mustache to a double murder in 1982, driving a car that could spit smoke or an oil slick to help him get away. a map on the prosecution's witness list turned up dead on the side of a road. the lawyer for his ex-wife says his family believes his death is not related toothily the trial but that it is not confirmed,
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and witnesses claim that white bulger sent tips to the fbi, and a foreigner supervisor denied he was ever an informant. there's a chance now bulger could testify. what's the thinking? >> there's a chance. it would be highly unusual for a defendant in this kind of case to actually take the stand, because of the possibility of being caught up on cross-examination, but in this case, bulger is almost certainly going to jail for the rest of his life. given his age already and given the fact his lawyers have admitted that, yes, he is guilty of some of the crimes. so, the thinking is that he may decide to take the stand to settle scores and also, according to former fbi agent bill daly, might want to do something to protect himself when he goes to prison. listen. >> you are a rat. you're the lowest thing, and they will send out everything they can to do away with that
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rat. they'll exterminate that rat. and you -- he wants to preserve himself in jail, because they get to people in jail to make sure he is going to say i was never an informant. they may have said that but i didn't help them. >> bulger's attorney says his client will make the decision on whether to take the stand when all the other defense witnesses have been called, a total of 16 possible witnesses to come. >> shepard: so far the jury is not sequestered but that could change. >> the defense actually wants the jury to be sequestered during deliberations. they say that the jury has to be protected from all the media coverage that this trial has attracted, and in fact bulger's attorney wrote that, quote, the coverage so far has, quote, extended far beyond mere recounting of testimony and have characterized the defendant in an extremely prejudicial manner. the judge has not yet made a
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decision on whether the jury will be sequestered but we do expect that decision to be made tomorrow, shep. >> shepard: thanks. let brain in former prosecution and current defense attorney arthur aidala. it's been interesting. >> but it follows a path that was set in the, i guess, late '80s,easterly residents, with the big trial here of john gotti. he was acquitted on the first and second trial, i think the third, and then his right-hand man, his partner in crime, sammy bravado testified against him, where really a big guy turned, became a rat. back then what bill daly was says saying was truitt. you couldn't be a rat. but the entire industry changed after that. there's barely a federal prosecution -- forget about organized crime in any theft
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scenario in federal court, where there's not a cooperating witness. it is their m.o., it's how they try cases in federal court with cooperating witnesses. in this case the guy's name is steven the rifleman fleming. he testified for a week, and he gave detail husband the enterprise worked, about the homicides, where bulger was, his role, his own role. steven fleming serving a life in prison sentence, and when asked what do you expect to get for your testimony? i don't know. i'm just hoping for the best. everybody hopes they don't die in jail. what he really means is the prosecutor decides at the end of the trial whether they'll make the motion to have fleming's sentence reduce because of his cooperation and because of his testimony in this case. die think bulger is going totive? i highly doubt it. it very rarely happens.
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he is not going up there to settle scores. he has other ways to do that. >> shepard: the jury sequestration, makes sense you would want that. >> that makes sense, that's what they should be asking tomorrow. they used the right words to s for it, the extreme prejudicial impact on the jury, a case that is internationally known at this point. it's going to be everywhere, on blinks where black berry and iphone and galaxy, so, that should not get into the jurors' minds and they know what happened in the zimmerman case. they know what those jurors were subjected to, and people agree to disagree, that should be taken out of the equation. if he's going to get convicted, let him get convicted on the facts of the trial north what somebody writes on a blog. it will be interesting,. >> shepard: thank you, sir. turns out the haul from a daring diamond heist on the french riviera was much larger than law enforcement reported. now they have more than doubled their estimate from
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$53 million to $136 million in jewelry. that makes this one of the biggest robberies of its kind that anybody can remember. one prosecutor says this is not a complex job. speaking with "associated press," he said that the thief wore a hat, gloves, scarf to hide his face, reportedly broke into a hotel where a diamond show was underway. showed his hand gun and took off with one bag, one bag, containing a small brief case -- a briefcase and a small box. all of that with security guards right there according to the prosecutor, the whole caper took about a minute. the hotel in the heart of cannes, home to the film festival every spring and also where alfred hitchcock filmed "to catch a thief. "pie wry why don't we know who may be responsible for the robbery? >> we don't know, shep. the inspectors are pointing
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their fingers at the pink panther gang. they're a famous group of jewelry thieves, people from the bask balkans and just so happens one of their members escaped from prison in switzerland last week. they have been credited with stealing $400 million worth of jewels over the last 15 years or so, and as i said, one of their guys managed to escape from flynn switzerland last week, the raid that was around this was brazen, too. actually sprung by accomplices who rammed through the prison sense with effects and armed with ak-47s, overwhelmed prison guards, at least one of which is now undergoing describing counseling because the prison break was so incredibly bold and dramatic. this guy's name is milan poparich. hi is not called a suspect officially but it is either a coincidence or not he managed to
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escape last week. this gang did not call themselves the pink panthers. but international law enforcement has given them that moniker because some of their stunts have been reminiscent 0 out of scenes from the peter seller series. >> shepard: cannes has become a big cargo. >> those who have cash converge there to be seen and spend money. the film festivals take place place in summer every year. the raid that happened yesterday was at the carlton hotel, hotel, and then onece at a was at a novo hotel. police are concerned about this. they think that cannes has become a target for thieves and police worry because these big diamond shows take place at
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hotels that are hard to secure because of so many entrances and so many people coming and going and you don't want armed guards around hotels. so this is something police will be looking at closely, i'm sure, given there were three thefts in the last three months in cannes. >> carlos danger is staying in the race for mayor. that's according to the candidate also known as an anyone weiner. comes after claims that he bragged to an acquaintance he could get her a love nest for secret rendevouses. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow.
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anthony weiner says he'll stay in the race for mayor of new york city but one of his question staffers will not. his campaign manager quit after finding out anthony weiner had conducted lewd online exchanges with women who were not his
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wife, even after he resigned from congress for the same behavior. no word on any replace: anthony weiner says his campaign will manage. >> an excellent staff. more people have come on, gotten more volunteers. no campaign is ever easy. >> shepard: the woman at the center of the latest sexting seasonal has spoken out and says anthony weiner bragged about using his influence to get her a ritzy condo in chicago where the two could meet for secret wings. what else does she have to say, doug? >> she alleges he could get her a pass to the democratic national convention, and get her a job at the politico. she says that when he sent her pictures of himself she was, quote, less than impressed. she also says that he offered to help pay as much as $5,000 a month for that chicago can
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dough -- condo. but the total these and many other revelations about the mayoral candidate's' private behavior have led to a fire storm of condemnation and much of that criticism is coming from within his own party. >> the issue here isn't about his relationship with his wife. the issue is about his relationship with the voters. he has twice deceived them. lied about his activity, and why would you put trust in someone who did that. thick he his delusional. >> joins the likes of some party elders as nancy pelosi and die feinstein for weeper -- weaner o hang it up. >> shepard: things are weird in san diego. >> a poll found that 67% of the people the thought that mayor
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filner should resign. 22% thought he should remain in office. and 11% were not sure. 60% said that filner should be re-called if he does not resign. stench different women have come forward saying filner sexually harassed them. he announced he plans to take two weeks off for therapy and the future he would not allow him to be in the presence of women by himself. that should make practice of governance on the awkward or cumbersome side should he survive this ore -- ordeal. >> the soldier accused of the biggest leak of classified documents in american history will know his fate tomorrow. bradley map manning, looking at life in prison. a live report and legal analysis up next. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest
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block. >> shepard: less than 24 hours from now a military judge will read the verdict in court-martial of the private first class bradley manning. the government accuses brad lehmaning of the biggest leak of classified information in the history of this country, claiming he handed over 700,000 classified military and diplomatic cables to wikileaks. his defense team does not deny he gave up the information but argues he was simply young and naive. he already faces up to 20 years in prison for pleading guilty in february to lesser charges, but now the judge will rule on the most serious of them all, aiding the enemy. and that decision could put away manning for the rest of his life. catherine herridge is live. the dodge has to determine whether he acted with general evil intent. >> that's right. the prosecutor must meet the standard under the military
12:21 pm
statute and in very simple terms, it's just the military must show he acted maliciously and will knowledge and intent to help the enemy in the closing arguments the prosecutor saying manning -- we have some video from leaving court -- is not a hacker, not a troubled young soul. he is a determined soldier with the ability, armed with secret documents to harm the united states. the defense argued no evidence was ever presented that showed manning's intend. only inferred in the case. >> shepard: what's the fallout here? >> the expectation is that colonel denice behind, the judge in the case, would need over the weekend for her deliberations and the case would not be in front of the jury, and that was apparently manning's decision. lind is deciding whether manning knew the documents would end up with al qaeda. and analysts say in this case and snowden the damage is twofold. potential allies reluctant to
12:22 pm
share information with the u.s. in the future because it pay be leaked and reveals some sources and methods, and for those reasons the damage is hard to undo. in the case of snowden headquarters that terrorists he says are already changing their practices. and we'll be in court for the verdict. tomorrow could be quite lengthy and emotional for bradley manning. >> shepard: thank you. with us now the fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. they have -- the manning camp is claiming, yes, he did this, but he didn't have any way of knowing al qaeda might go to wikileaks. >> well, it's actually a little bit more than that. the government has to prove that he did this with the intention of harming the united states. not that the harm to the united states was a byproduct of what he did, but that he intentionally caused this harm. so if, for example, the government is unable to persuade the judge and she believes he
12:23 pm
did it because he was naive or he wasn't naive but was a whistleblower and wanted to embarrass the government to conforming its behavior, then he is not guilty. of course, not guilty, still means he has to face 20 years to the crimes for which he has already pleaded guilty. the essence of the crime here is, with an evil mind, intending to harm the united states of america. normally, a verdict is, guilty or not guilty. except when the judge has to deliver the verdict, and judges, for all that we do, do not like, do not enjoy, replacing juries. she, instead of saying guilty or not guilty, has spent the weekend writing out a lengthy, here's why he was, fill in the blank, guilty or not guilty. that's how we know it's going to come at 1:00 tomorrow eastern time and she is going read the point. she will literally read it to the public, and other reporters in the courtroom. >> it was never thought really widely that reaching this level
12:24 pm
of proof was going to be an easy thing to do. >> no. no. because you have to get inside his head. the whole issue is, what did he intend to do. you can ask that intent be inferred from his behavior, from general knowledge that, don't you think if wikileaks exposed this, al qaeda would get and it al qaeda would harm us? again she has to believe, the judge, beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty this was his intent and not something else. if something else was his intent, even something naive like, i'm going to change the government by exposing them, then he is not guilty. >> shepard: he has a lot of followers and supporters. >> followers and supporters from amongst the small government folks who believe we were wrong to fight these wars, we were wrong to torture, that we were wrong to kill civilians, and that even having fought the wars and spent two trillion dollars and cause the death wes did, things are just as bad now as they were and the government should be shamed into acknowledging that.
12:25 pm
the government actually denied that certain even owes cured which, when the documents became public, showed the government was that telling the truth. will the government change its ways? probably not. >> shepard: probably regardless of what happens. >> this outcome is about him. does he spend more than 20 years in jail or be free when he fulfills the terms that he has already agreed to. >> shepard: it will be interesting some day for children and grandchildren to learn how history reflects on this incident. >> he could be proven 20 years from a monster or that he was right. >> judge, thank you. dozens of catholic faithful are dead after a bus flew right off a bridge and slammed into the ground below. now investigators are trying to figure out how this could have happened. >> frankly, scary news for any swimmers. not just the name of the program, but this, an entire water park closed after a child caught a deadly brain-eating
12:26 pm
parasite. all you have to do is dive in to get it. how to prevent it, as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from "studio b." [ man ] look how beautiful it is.
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12:30 pm
officials are calling it won of the worst road crashes that country has ever seen. the bus carried chang pilgrims, many children, when it slammed into several cars that slowed for traffic, and then crashed threw a barrier and over the edge. rescuers used electric saws to cut through the metal and tried to reach victims and survivors, pausing to listen for cries for help. greg is live in london for us. the crews came upon a gruesome scene. >> gruesome and bruta, especially if you were part of it. that tour bus was packed with family and friends from a small town near naples in southern italy, coming back from a weekend when the nightmare happened. the bus slammed into several cars. then broke through the guardrail and tumbling to the ground. some passengers we're told were thrown out of the bus also it went down. other are's just crushed under
12:31 pm
the sheer weight of the wreckage. amazingly, among the dozens deads, rescuers, emergency crews were able to pull some survivors out of the wreckage. five of them children, eight others were hurt along the wreckage of the cars on the hypershep. >> shepard: was this ace simple as the bus couldn't stop and set off the chane reaction? >> we don't know what happened but all indications are that the bus was simply going too fast. why was it going too fast? could have ban problem with the bus? a brake problem or a blown tire? those are two theirs. basically the bus was out of control and then slammed into, again, the cars and the guardrail before going down. investigators are also looking at driver error. the driver was killed but there will be an autopsy conducted on the body. they want to see whether alcohol or drugs played a role. finally, certainly, possibly,
12:32 pm
playing some kind of a role, shep, the highway itself. i can tell you from personal experience i've had ridden on that highway. it is treacherous, day or night. it winds through the mountains, roads go up and down, the guardrail is not secure as they should be. if there's a problem with a vehicle, add that in. then you got real problems. there will be a memorial service for those who passed away do to this incident tomorrow down in southern italy. >> shepard: this is europe's second deadly transportation disaster in days. and the second involving catholics headed to religious events. prosecutors in spain have charged the driver in last week's train derailment withnegligent homicide. a judge released the driver without bail. 79 people died when the train jumped the track. officials say the train was going way above the speed limit.
12:33 pm
police report shane showed video of the crash site to the driver he prettiedly said, don't want to see this, want to die. investigators will be looking at the train's black box tomorrow to get clues. today spain's prime minister and royal family attended a large funeral mass for the mission. >> and we got positive news after the crash of the bus in indiana. a teen who suffered some of the most serious injuries is out of intensive care in the hospital. the driver says the brakes fail just before the bus slammed into a median and filmed on its side in indianapolis. this happened on saturday. the colonial hills baptist church of indianapolis owned that bus. passengers coming home from camp in northern michigan. the crash killed a mother of five, seen her on he left, who said she brought along her special northeasts child, a youth pastor and his pregnant wife, on the right here, also died but their two-year-old son
12:34 pm
survived. today we learned that three victims are still in hospitals. all of them now listed in good condition. >> owners of a water park in arkansas have shut the place down after a young swimmer caught a brain-eating parasite. doctors say those infections are rare but almost always deadly. officials are not telling us the victim's exact age or whether it's a boy or girl. but he or she has apparently been swill can at willow springs water park before getting sick. the parasite gets in through the nose and attacks the brain. it's just like a stomach virus at the beginning it but can quickly lead to seizures, confusion and hallucinations. joining us now, the chair of the department of preventive medicine in vanderbilt university in nashville good to see you. >> hello, shepard smith you hear something like this and wonder, how many pools is this in and
12:35 pm
how concerned should we be? >> well, fortunately it's very, very rare. there are a handful of those infections, kind of reported annually in the united states. it usually happens when people who are swimming in lakes and in ponds, because that is where the amoeba live, and these are microscopic little parasites. they live in the water, and then when you dive into the water, the water is driven up into your nose, and then the amoeba macs its way into the brain and causes the dam. >> this doesn't happen in chlorinate swimming pools. >> that's correct. >> shepard: so there is a way -- aside from never jumping in a lake is there a way to avoid this? >> yes, you can't keep boys and girls from jumping into the lake, but when the jump, hold your nose. >> shepard: is there a part of the country where we see more of this than in other parts? >> more in the south because
12:36 pm
it's warmer there for a longer period of time. but the whole country can be warm at different times. right? and so these amoeba can flourish almost anywhere in the united states. they have been seen in the northern tier states, too. >> nice to see you, thank you. >> and hold your nose. >> shepard: hold my nose when guy to the stadium. rebels are taking you down. >> millions of americans may have to miss some of their favorite television shows because another one of this cage disputes-this time between cbs and time warner cable. this thing has potential get ugly. what are the sticking points and why can't you just get your television?
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>> shepard: we learned that there's a new round of minipeace talks set to start tonight in d.c. the first in five years. the israelis and palestinians will come together. secretary of state john kerry is brokering the talks which will likely take month. israel's cabinet yesterday freed more than 100 palestinian prisoners. some of them militants who stabbed and shot civilians, including women and senior citizens. palestinians are pushing for a state of their own, which would include the west bank, gaza, and east jerusalem. israel captured those federals in the 1960s. and the boundary lines are the starting point but israel has not agreed to those terms.
12:41 pm
negotiators will not get into the larger issues, not at least tonight. the officials say the plan is to lay the frownwork for future talks. a reminder this weekend of the tensions and what is at stake. block. >> shepard: israeli soldiers fought off palestinian stone-throwers in the west bank. local media reports that the fighting left a couple of people hurt. just over an hour from now one of the big three television networks could good dark on a major cable carrier. millions of customers of time warner in new york, los angeles, dallas, chicago, will lose the cbs programming this afternoon. the two companies are in standoff over what else but movement cbs wants tomorrow warner to pay for carrying its television station. if there is a blackout viewers will miss out on shows like 60 minutes and big brother.
12:42 pm
>> a lot of money on the line. >> absolutely. but you know to the average viewer this is like the iran-iraq war. two corporate giants accusing each other of greed. there's nobody to root for. reminds me of the battles between the white house and the capitol hill folks over the budget which they threatened to shut the government done in the end there will be a last-minute sentiment because both sides need each other. >> shepard: one of the carrot or sticks for time warner is, here in new york, cbs is on channel 2. that's great real estate. you don't want to lose it. >> and time warner cable is threatening to kick cbs out of that prime position if it doesn't capitulate. what is happening is cbsing asks for a lot more money in subscriber fees, more than doubling what it gets now. that's an an important source of revenue. and what has made this nasty and more than just an industry
12:43 pm
battle that nobody else on the outside would know much about, are the advertising campaigns in which both sites are accusing each of -- for example, time warner cable saying cbs is giving new york a black eye, a play on the cbs logo, and cbs saying time warner wants to evict big brother from your house, a reference to the big-time reality show. >> shepard: show times involved here, too, right? >> as part of the cbs empire, yes. so if this were to become a protracted fight, people in new york, l.a., dallas, a couple other maths, would lose access to those entertainment programs and cbs sports and based on the experience here, thick, even if it goes into overtime a day or two they'll dom a settlement. >> shepard: these fees are relatively new. here on cable we get two dollars out of three maybe in all revenue. for the broadcast television, it's kind of new. >> it is new, and cbs is getting less than one dollar per subscriber, and, yet, cbs and
12:44 pm
the other broadcast networks, blahs of declining viewership, time shifting to vcrs, nows as that's a pot of goal. time warner cable and other cable systems don't want to give up that cash flow, and that's why neither party looks good in this and neither party looks particularly sympathetic because it is a fight about money in which both sides want more and more and more. people just want to watch their tv. they don't want to hear before the this stuff. >> shepard: those companies are loaded with money. the last time it happened in this market, might have been fo 5 but the cable company puts a nasty note up on the screen instead of the programming to say, call them. they're evil. >> you use any communication tool you can. it's like a presidential campaign. gets really nasty, and often these last-minute brinksmanship episodes come just before the super bowl that everybody wants to see. i'd like to add to the drama and say thissing going on for weeks
12:45 pm
and months but don't thing so. >> welcome to family. >> thanks, shep. >> word out of an all-out riot in southern california. police say when the fight broke out they took action. but some witnesses say the cops were firing tear gas and pepper spray at nearly everybody in sight. and look at this. tropical storm is taking dead aim on hawai'i. that's kind of rare. we'll go to the extreme weather center for the latest on flossie, just ahead. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. ding! ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ] oh, yeah, sorry! let's get ready to bundle and save. now, that's progressive. oh, i think i broke my spleen! home insurance provided and serviced by third party insurers.
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>> shepard: extreme weather alert. warning for folks in hawai'i, tropical storm i taking aim at the state, bringing dangerous waves up to 18 feet high. the storm's name, flossie. the coast guard crews warn that
12:49 pm
folks who go into the water could be on their own. >> we're not always together go be able to responsible. sometimes the weather is our enemy and we're not able to get to you. so that's why it's important for mariners to get prepared. >> people spent the weekend getting ready, buying up food and batteries, janice dean is in the extreme weather center. not very strong but pretty rare. >> very rare. you rarely see these storms moving in towards hawai'i because the water is so cool, especially on the eastern side of the island chain, and because the mountains we're going deal with the possibility for flooding and gusty winds. so people are preparing. this is tropical storm flossie. last advisory over the last couple of hours-40 miles-per-hour storm, and it looks like it's just going to kind of brush hilo and then move through the rest of the chain on tuesday, with strong winds and could see some heavy flooding. here's the impact. the storm is weakening and will continue weakening.
12:50 pm
we could into gusts from 40-50 miles-per-hour, flashflooding possible, and we're dealing with rough surf and the possibility for mudslides. so so we'll continue to track tropical storm flossie. >> shepard: we have been focusing on names. the true blood baby, one remaining there, of the sheriff, four-name child, the royal baby, we have a three-name child, this one, flossie. what's a flossie? besides -- >> grandma. >> shepard: beside what you're suppose ode to dive your toothies. the internet tells me it's a very -- the word flossie means flowering or in bloom. >> very nice. did not know that. >> shepard: i didn't either. the producers told me. >> it's good trivia. >> shepard: do the same people do in the naming on the west coast as the east coast? >> believe. so the world meteorological
12:51 pm
organization comes up with the names and it's a six-year cycle and if it's a catastrophic name, like katrina, they'll retire and it not bring it back every six years. >> shepard: one thing just learn, another person was speaking to me, which is so often the case, and while you were explaining that i learn there were in 2012, fewer than five girls were named flossie. so it is not popular and now we see why. >> you never know, with this storm, maybe there while be a boom on the name flossie. >> shepard: aim guessing mored a line, brayan, danicka. the caribbeans with some bad weather, too? >> remember tropical storm dorian? it kind of fizzled out but we're still monitoring it because we have a flareup of convection here so we'll continue to monitor that. we are into hurricane season here with the forecast models are predicting, and whether or not it regenerates, we're still dealing with heavy rain for the
12:52 pm
would hams, towards florida and maybe the gulf coast so keeping an eye on what was dorian. it will get its name back if it regenerates. >> shepard: then they're this rain on the east coast. i look looked at the phone this morning and learned there was a huge flooding episode that happened in the northeastern united states. i was there but there was none. then i looked at philadelphia. good grief. >> philadelphia set a okaytime record, the wettest july on record because one of this thunderstorms just blossomed and brought incredible amounts of rain in a short period of time. they had over eight inches of rainfall in philadelphia, philadelphia international airport, and the bulk of the rain came within a matter of hours. from' p.m. to 7:00 p.m. so some areas got inundate with rain, others did not. >> shepard: they can have their
12:53 pm
rain monday through thursday. >> your phone, you can always call me or e-mail me. you don't have to check the shep app. >> shepard: is that right? you text. i don't faulk on the phone if a all possible. >> you can check up every day or not. >> shepard: weather i almost called you irene. that's weird. >> you can call me anytime you want. >> shepard: thank you, janice. cops are describing a mob scene in southern california lag's last night, just after the week-long u.s. open of surfing had wrapped. [shouting] >> that -- when possible, turn over port-a-potties. this is amateur video from one of the fights. riot police unleashing tear gas and pepper spray. looks herefully violent. somebody turn over a blue building. someone took his shirt off. here's what we're hearing from
12:54 pm
witnesses, including this guy. >> right there, and also got some on your back? >> right here. >> what did you do? >> absolutely nothing. i was just here -- i'm a local, my spot, and they didn't care. they didn't discriminate. just started shooting people up. >> the local news stations report there's looting, folks smashing windows, turn over the port-a-potties, which is a felony in many jurisdictions. happened in huntington beach, less than an hour south of los angeles. that's the biggest woopty-do out there in a long time. how did it get started? >> they don't know. the witnesses accounts vary but most witnesses believe it actually started on the beach because somebody from a nearby restaurant threw a catsup about bowl the ground and it came from the sand into downtown huntington beach. busting windows, tearing up stop signs. this went on for block after block. witnesses say a group of men
12:55 pm
riding cascadeboards and wearing bandanas were the main instigators. listen. >> people started getting riot mentality and started getting crazy and then on main street, people start push over port apoties, jumping on them. >> they were just taunting the police, the part we saw. i don't know what precipitated it. but they were just people that were drinking and taunting. >> fair bit of damage. the police and city council will hold a news conference today to give us some better totals on what happened out there. >> shepard: it's clear that some of the people there were not happy with the way the police responded. >> yeah. they believed the police were just firing these rubber bullets and the pepper spray into the crowd. huntington beach police say they do not use rubber bull'lls but this went on for two hours, they were clearly overwhelmed so they brought in other agencies to help out. diabetes note what they're tactics are, but some witnesses say the police should have responded with more force.
12:56 pm
here's a local. >> absolutely chaos. this is the first riot they've had in many, many years. this is a great town, fantastic vacation. so this is a comfortable, quiet time. people come here and relax. >> police are looking at a lot more of the cell phone footage to see if they can identify people. more arrests could be coming. >> shepard: thankfully one turned over port apotie does nat make one a riot city. accent or. no trace, thank you. we have one more thing, and we'll get you the closing numbers on the dow and head you off to "your world" with neil cavuto.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
eyfr@r so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up...
12:59 pm
♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. >> a final check of the dow. the final bell will be ringing in six seconds. we're all 40 on the session. pause for the bell.
1:00 pm
it's late today. >> the bell was three seconds late. we need an investigation. i'm calling bill o'reilly right now. good grief. [chanting] [chanting] >> seven cities, four days, and this is how unions are taking the fight to raise the minimum wage to the max. this is "your world." my thanks to stewart and jenna for felling in while i was out, but back to today where strikers workers were just having it out and continue to. fast food and retail employees walking off the job and on to the street, demanding double their pay. that would amount to 15 bucks an hour, and if that doesn't get

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